About Us

Our Journey

Creating Cultural Fusion

The Walkz is an online shoe store that is inspired by the mughal era of the dynasty, our collection is highly inspired by the sub continent traditional footwear called Jutti or Khusssa.

We have blend our designs with the subcontinent flavor and the modern look and feel, as our tagline define “Creating Cultural Fusion”

We have started our journey in late 2021

This footwear has been designed and manufactured in the remote area of Punjab with a legacy labor coming from the generations of the era of mughals dynasty, over the time the footwear have seen an immense improvement on quality but the process and look and feel remains the same.

All Handmade Shoes

We are here to bring you to the era of the Royals and give you a feel of walking on a royal carpet by wearing a shoe with a proud curly tip.

Our promise is to give you the best quality of khussas and jutti purely made by hand. 

We love to beautify it with elegant Glass work, precious stones, embroidery and different types of thread work. We also work on Denim fabric to modernize the product and extend the variety.

Our aim is to promote The Royal heritage, for this we never compromise on quality.

Our product is entirely made with original materials. So let us give a chance to serve and show you our *HAND MAGIC!*